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Notice for schools affected by natural disasters

Posted February 2015

The Learning Place can help your teachers and students connect during closures or disruptions.
We can offer support to affected schools including:

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classroom: Curriculum into the classroom P-10: Independent Learning Materials
Principals or staff can request a secure online space containing the current Independent Learning Materials in Maths, English, Science, History and Geography with in-built collaboration tools to help keep everyone connected.

  • The Prep–Year 3 lesson plans are designed for use by parents working with their students, one on one or in small groups. Therefore very detailed lesson instructions, helpful information, teaching tips and answers are provided.
  • The lessons for Years 4–10 are independent student materials that are written for a child to work through independently.
    They contain a complete set of student resources, teaching episodes and learning objects.

The Learning Place will set up your Virtual Classroom and organise staff and student enrolments. Please let our team know if you would like generic logins for your families.

Web conferencing rooms
Web conferencing rooms will be set up on request to support ongoing communications with students and their families.

Please contact our friendly Learning Place team for support.
Phone 1800 680 445 (select 5) or email

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Last updated:
5 August 2016