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What we do

The Learning Place is the department's comprehensive eLearning environment providing secure access to an innovative range of digital tools, resources and online spaces for teaching and learning, collaboration and networking.

The Learning Place supports contemporary teaching practice enabling today's learners to steer their own learning and arrive at their own ICT-enriched learning destinations.

The quality of teaching is critical to the process of learning. Successful learners are creative and productive users of technology moving easily between their personal learning environments and networking spaces (physical and online) to improve their knowledge, capabilities and understandings of our world.

The role of the teacher in a technology rich environment is to combine curriculum knowledge and understanding of the learner with effective teaching strategies to enable purposeful learning.

Digital teachers are empowered by their personal educational networks. They acknowledge themselves as learners on a journey that is exciting, challenging and connected.

Digital pedagogy

    Digital pedagogy

    A range of digital pedagogy resources are available through the Learning Place. In 2013, a Contemporary Practice Resource was developed to support contemporary teaching and learning practices.

    Contemporary Learners

    The Learning Place provides contemporary learners with seamless access between school, work, home and play. Staff and students can work digitally in ways that pervade and impact on every aspect of their schooling and use personalised pathways to learning success.


    OneChannel provides access to live and on-demand educational programs. A range of OneChannel partners makes the PD calendar a rich and vibrant learning opportunity for EQ staff.More…Secure space


    Learning Place staff spaces

    The Staff space supports:

    • resource discovery
    • creation and sharing of online spaces and resources
    • networking
    • professional development.

    More…Secure space

    Learning Place student spaces

    The Student space allows students to:

    • discover thousands of digital resources and online spaces
    • blog (with teacher approval)
    • collaborate online
    • personalise their own learning space.

    More…Secure space

    Learning Place public website

    The Learning Place staff and student spaces are secure environments that require DET authentication. Therefore, we also provide a public facing website for users who have temporary access to a specific system (e.g. enrolment in a PD course requiring temporary access to eLearn).


    OneChannel provides access to live and on-demand educational programs. A range of OneChannel partners makes the PD calendar a rich and vibrant learning opportunity for EQ staff. More…Secure space


    eLearn is a flexible online course and community environment for EQ students and staff. eLearn uses the Blackboard learning management system to deliver quality assured professional development courses, virtual classrooms and secure communities.

    eLearn enables teachers to create their own content in virtual classrooms to support staff and student learning. Staff can quickly and easily create their own course to deliver learning materials, class discussions, and tests online. Digital content and media can easily be added to courses and communities and learning experiences can be enriched through the use of blogs, wikis and discussion boards.

    eLearn provides participants with access to courses or communities enabling communication, collaboration, reflection and learning at their own pace.More…Secure space

    Virtual classroom

    A virtual classroom is a private, secure eLearn space you can create to support teacher and student learning. Virtual classrooms:

    • enable teachers to present curriculum concepts and understandings in a blended model
    • allow participant access to content from home
    • enable students to collaborate and communicate in a safe environment via blogs, wikis and forums
    • provide teachers with an online space where student tasks and resources can be easily located and accessed
    • provide a Grade Centre for collating and tracking participant assessments.

    edTube is a multimedia sharing gallery where staff and students can store their audio, video and images in an album. Albums enable staff to set access and authoring permissions for all staff and students depending on the purpose and educational need. Teachers are prompted to approve media uploaded by a student before it is published in an album.


    edStudios are drag and drop creative authoring spaces for staff and students. Staff and students can collaborate in the studio and use multimedia sourced from either an edTube album or the Learning Place.

    Staff set the access permissions for staff and students in a studio. According to the permissions set staff and students can view, contribute or edit a page of a studio. All participants in a studio can leave status updates and collaborate on their work.

    Staff blogs

    The Learning Place features a blog system that allows EQ staff to collaborate online and share experiences, teaching strategies and resources. Combined with a personalised tag system, staff blogs are powerful professional learning spaces.More…Secure space


    iConnect is DET's web conferencing system. It provides an online learning environment for staff and students to communicate securely, in real time. iConnect features a range of collaborative tools including:

    • shared whiteboard spaces
    • an application-sharing program
    • a text chat facility
    • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
    • multimedia playback and file transfer
    • use of webcams
    • polls and quiz functionality.
    Available through the Learning Place, iConnect supports student learning, professional development and training activities.More…

    Manage courses (CAMs)

    CAMS supports staff to create courses and communities and manage their course/community enrolments. More…Secure space

    Digital resources

      eResource Services

      eResource Services provides the following teaching and learning support:

      • eResources: access your curriculum and professional eBooks, online journals, virtual books and educational databases online. This online service is available to all Education Queensland staff.
      • Education history: a collection of historical Education Queensland materials to support schools celebrating significant anniversaries.


      Quality assured digital resources

      Searching in the Learning Place will reveal thousands of quality assured digital resources including eCurriculum resources, learning objects, teaching ideas, video, audio, reviewed educational websites and images. More…Secure space

      Learning Pathways

      A Learning Pathway is an ordered collection of annotated quality assured resources and teacher uploaded learning materials.

      Learning Pathways allow staff members to share their collection by marking it publicly searchable or by sharing the automatically generated access key. Students can enter the access key in their student space to access the teacher generated learning pathway.

      A teacher can copy a Learning Pathway and preserve credit to the original author. They can then edit the Learning Pathway to suit their needs.

      Professional development courses

      Online courses in a wide range of topics are available for staff across the state to participate in including induction and mandatory training, department policies and systems, leadership, teaching and technology. Most courses are accessed as a self paced learning opportunity through eLearn. More…Secure space

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      9 January 2018