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2015 Online Literature Festival

Online Literature Festival

17 August – 4 September 2015

Unleash your readers…

Queensland Multicultural Week 2015 Embracing 2018 Global Education Program Ashgrove Literature Festival Queensland Poetry Festival Brisbane Writers Festival

This year our annual Online Literature Festival* showcased the authors who participated in:

  • The Ashgrove Literature Festival hosted by Ashgrove State School and Marist College, Ashgrove
  • Queensland Multicultural Week
  • Queensland Poetry Festival
  • The Embracing 2018 Global Education Program
  • The Brisbane Writers Festival.

The Online Literature Festival provides opportunities for Queensland state and non-state school students to:

  • develop their writing techniques and skills
  • engage with quality literature
  • ask questions and interact with authors, illustrators and poets in real time.
Image: courtesy of Narelle Oliver Image: courtesy of Narelle Oliver

Narelle Oliver

Narelle's work includes:

  • Don't let a spoonbill in the kitchen
  • Fox and fine feathers
  • The very blue thingamajig
  • Home
  • Baby Bilby, where do you sleep?
Image: courtesy of Jackie French and photographer, Kelly Sturgiss Image: courtesy of Jackie French and photographer, Kelly Sturgiss

Jackie French

Jackie's work includes:

  • Flood
  • Diary of a wombat
  • Tom Appleby: convict boy
  • A waltz for Matilda
Image: courtesy of Peter Carnavas Image: courtesy of Peter Carnavas

Peter Carnavas

Peter's work includes:

  • Oliver and George
  • Jessica's box
  • Last tree in the city
  • The great expedition
Image: courtesy of Meredith Costain Image: courtesy of Meredith Costain

Meredith Costain

Meredith's work includes:

  • Doodledum dancing
  • Bed tails
  • Rosie and the bunyip

We are currently writing a narrative about overcoming fear so it was great to hear from a writer and get so many tips and ideas.
Thank you! You've certainly inspired these little people.
2015 Year 3 Coorparoo State School

We will be continuing to write the first chapter of our fantasy novel based around the writing style of Emily Rodda.
They were very excited about having their question answered and are looking forward to including some of what Emily Rodda said into their writing.
2015 Year 5 Rangeville State School

This web conference has related very well to our Year 6 History unit about migration.
We have been looking at reasons why people have migrated to Australia and what were their experiences.
2015 Year 5/6 Jinibara State School

Our Year 10 cohort are currently studying Tom Appleby Convict Boy.
(I’ll) Talk to my students about the things that Jackie has shared about her writing and particularly Tom Appleby Convict Boy.
Some students came in to the session. Others will listen to the recording.
2015 Year 10 Brisbane School of Distance Education

*Aligned with the Australian Curriculum English, Language, Literature and Literacy strands.

2015 participating authors

  • Katherine Battersby
  • Murray Bird
  • Anna Branford
  • Peter Carnavas
  • Jane Caro
  • Paul Collins
  • Meredith Costain
  • Kate Durbin
  • Nick Earls
  • Jackie French
  • Melaina Faranda
  • Deb Fitzpatrick
  • Dave Hackett
  • Jack Heath
  • Dr Anita Heiss
  • Robert Hoge
  • Kate Hunter
  • Tamsin Janu
  • Uncle Joe Kirk
  • Alison and Nicholas Lochel
  • Marc Martin
  • Prue Mason
  • Angela Meyer
  • Omar Musa
  • Narelle Oliver
  • Alice Pung
  • Emily Rodda
  • Christine Sharp
  • R.A Spratt
  • David Stavanger
  • Gabrielle Wang
  • Ryan Van Winkle
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3 September 2015