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About Learning Place Affiliation

Learning Place Affiliation offers Queensland non-state schools and universities opportunities to learn, teach, create, collaborate, discover and network in the Learning Place.

Learn more by reading the Affiliate FAQs.

Learning Place affiliation offers:

Staff Space
Digital Resources
  • Thousands of quality assured resources
  • Thousands of member contributed resources
Staff Space
Staff Space
  • Build a professional profile
  • Network with Queensland educators
  • Create, learn and teach collaboratively
Staff Space
Upload, store, publish, view and share:
  • images
  • audio
  • videos
Note: All items are automatically converted and compressed to save you time.
Staff Space
Collaborative authoring space for students and teachers to access and publish:
  • digital content
  • digital resources
  • edTube media
  • blogs
  • polls
  • text, files, links, html, and more...
Staff Space
Student Space
Students can:
  • create a personalised learning space
  • access teacher created learning spaces
  • find educational resources and games
  • write a reflective blog (moderated by their teacher)
Staff Space
Learning Pathways
Create, collate and share topic based collections of:
  • digital resources
  • documents
  • links
Staff Space
Staff Courses
Access ready-made courses for self-paced:
  • professional development
  • personal growth
Staff Space
Student Courses
  • Pre-packaged courses related to a curriculum area
  • Encourage self-paced learning
Staff Space
Virtual Classrooms
Create, set and utilise:
  • lesson activities
  • units of work
  • homework
  • projects
  • discussions
  • online summative assessments
  • Grade Centre features

Affiliate subscription

Last updated:
2 April 2015